About Jackie Brinkerhoff

After spending 18 years in a career that I enjoyed and found security in, I chose to leave the world of corporate America and take the opportunity to explore some new areas and skills in my life.  What a scary time in my life! It was all an unknown to me.  What and who would I be if I left my job and embarked on something completely new? I felt that I needed to find something with more purpose than pushing software features and upgrades.  It actually took me a whole YEAR to get the nerve to actually leave.  The first time I tried to resign, my boss convinced me that I wouldn’t be happy at home learning to be a ‘mom’ and that wasn’t really me.  I believed him and he was right.  I was too scared to let go and see for myself. After a year, I tried it again.  I got the same response from him.  But this time it was different.  This time I KNEW I had to let go, I HAD to find out what was pulling me in that direction.  So I left.

I didn’t know what to expect, other than feeling awkward and judged by my peers.  I didn’t know much about alternative health, other than it helped me physically and emotionally when prescription medications weren’t able to (infact the meds made me feel worse physically and the depression was so thick I didn’t know if I could ever climb out of it).

I created a “Bucket List” of things I wanted to do, now that I had more time on my hands.  This list was the beginning of a beautiful journey for me.  One that taught me about myself and has brought me here today.  I now dedicate myself to helping others through the tools, skills, and knowledge that I have acquired along my way.

Of course you do not have to be as extreme as I was, in order to experience positive and beautiful shifts in your life and your relationships.  All you need to do is first have a DESIRE to want different.  Then it’s DOING something about it.  Something so simple, but yet so many people, like myself, get stuck, get scared, spend year after year not knowing what DIFFERENT can actually be like.

Recognize that FEAR is what will keep you from moving forward, from discovering aspects of yourself that are waiting for you.  After you embark on your journey, you’ll realize you really had nothing to fear at all!

Ask yourself: “What does happiness look like for me?”   This will be the first step in your journey.

I honor you on your path of discovery!


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