Using a hospital-grade Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) device, you will be able realize your current physiological makeup, including:

  • Total Fat %
  • Total Muscle %
  • Total Water %
  • Your Body’s Daily Metabolic Rate (how many calories you burn per day)
  • Cellular Permeability (affects nutritional absorption) and Overall Cellular Health
  • Body Mass Index Rating

Why should I pay attention to my body composition?
Simple. Your body composition is directly related to your health. A normal balance of body fat is often associated with good health and long living. An excess of fat in relation to your lean body mass, can seriously increase your risks to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and more. Being aware of your body composition provides you crucial information that can help steer you towards healthy changes in your lifestyle.

In addition, if you are interested in “weight loss”; then you should focus more on your overall composition of your body rather than the pesky scale.

How Does This Work?
The test is quick and noninvasive. By placing four electrodes on your foot and hand, the BIA device passes a harmless, ultra-low level electrical current through the body. The machine then measures how fast the electrical current traveled through the body. The more lean tissue in the body, the faster the current will travel — lean tissue, which is over 70% water, is a good conductor of electrical current; fatty tissue – low in water, is not.

The result is then provided in a final printout report.

Sessions 30 minutes | $35.00