“Never build your emotional life on the weaknesses of others.” ~George Santayana


One’s emotional health is as important as their physical health.  Infact it is believed that one’s emotional health has a direct impact on their physical condition.  Learning strategies to deal with everyday stresses as well as healing from past and current traumas is key to feeling and being healthy. Unfortunately, one’s emotional health may not be seen as ‘important’ and we can often learn coping behaviors that may be unhealthy and create a cyclical pattern in our lives, leaving you wondering “Why does this keep happening to me?“.

Discovering, exploring, and understanding your emotional body is the first step in becoming empowered to own your personal power.  Afterwhich you can learn and incorporate techniques to heal old wounds but also manage emotional stressors that are inevitable in our lives.

Regardless of the modality you choose to use to address your emotional health, working on your emotional self is key and can assist you in bringing you back to wholeness.