Emotional Release Therapy (or also referred to as “Emotional Processing”) is an alternative and complementary techinque that provides a way for emotions to be understood, dealt with, and released.

Emotional Processing can help one identify negative belief patterns and the age which the belief pattern stems from.  Beliefs are usually decided upon at an early age. Our perception is colored by the beliefs we hold in our minds. As we grow, we often continue using these belief patterns even when they are not effective.

Emotional Processing can help one make new choices about their belief systems. As we change our perceptions of the past, we alter our perception and experience of the future. We can mature emotionally, be more effective in our communication, and release toxic emotions that affect the physical functions of the body. Our health can be greatly improved when we use the power of the mind, body, and spirit to bring about healing and well-being. We have greater power to get what we choose out of life.

While Emotional Processing is not considered traditional counseling or therapy, it is associated with psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI). This science focuses on how our thoughts and feelings affect our health.  Applying this technique along with traditional therapy or counseling support can help speed the process of root issue identification and healing.

Emotional processing is performed by a certified facilitator who then leads a client through the use of guided imagery, applied kinesiology, NLP, chakra work, speaking out feelings, role playing, inner child work, guided visualization and meditation techniques. Using these techniques allows one to find a place of inner healing and a strong sense of well-being and closure with the issues being addressed.

This technique can be done with adults, teens, and children.  However, the Emotional Processing session is adapted to a coloring technique when performed with children, since they may not have the capacity to verbalize their feelings; the information gleaned from a session with a child can be very helpful for a parent to understand what can be happening on a deeper emotional level with their child(ren).

Emotional Processing works best for mostly highly functioning people who have a desire to make change, and for those who have the ability to recognize negative thought patterns, and can facilitate change in their own life.

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Sessions 90 minutes | $100.00