Utilizing a hypnotic regression or deep state of relaxation, one may start to unveil potential root causes of present time issues. Regardless if one subscribes to the idea of living multiple lives and reincarnation or not, one can also hold the idea that we are comprised of our ancestors genes and cellular memory; so memories can also be looked at as energetic footprints/echos of others who have lived before us. Recurring dreams, déjà vu, fears, disorders, and behaviors are said to be linked to previous experiences. Having an awareness of the potential root cause of these issues can be the start to a beautiful healing process.

Jackie Brinkerhoff has been trained and certified by Dr. Brian Weiss and The Weiss Institute. Dr. Oz introduced this technique and Dr. Brian Weiss on Oprah in 2008.

Sessions can be done with children, teens, adults, and seniors.

Sessions 90 minutes | $100.00