“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.”  ~ Carol Welch


The body evokes change in many ways.  Through the energy that is spent in exercising, moving, or just being; one can experience dramatic and positive results. The energy of stress, anxiety, anger, even sadness can be released with constructive movement.  Natural brain chemicals are released when one engages in vigorous physical activity which have been shown to reduce depression, clear the “fog” from our brain, and reduce those pesky cravings.  All these ‘side-effects’ from physical activity then create a viable environment and platform to address issues as well instill postive change.

I encourage everyone to find a physical activity that they love and enjoy.  If you don’t enjoy the activity, then you’re just creating more stress in your life!  So experiment, try new things, and you will soon find what works for you.

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