Q. What is Zumba®?
A. Zumba® is a popular fitness program that has found its way around the world.  it combines latin and international dance rythms in a format that delivers a comprehensive workout.  in addition to dancing, Zumba is taught with fitness in mind, meaning many of the routines that are taught incorporate fitness moves that help strengthen, tone, and stretch the body.   The emphasis of the program is to teach choreography that is simple and easy. The spirit and energy of a Zumba class feels like a party and before you know it, the hour has passed and students leave exhilerated.  As one of my students, who happens to be 75 years old said, “Zumba is good for my body, but also great for my soul!”.
Q. Do I need a partner?
A. Not at all! Infact, Zumba is designed so that everyone can dance without partners.  However it is always fun to bring your friends and let loose!  Speaking of this, I have found that Zumba has provided many the opportunity to get their dance-fix.  It is common to hear that one person in a relationship loves to dance and the other partner doesn’t.  What may have been an activity when dating may have faded away.  Many find themselves now getting to come to Zumba to feel that spirit and energy they used to get from going out dancing, but without having to drag their partners out to a dance club!
Q. How many calories can you burn doing Zumba?
A. Well that all depends on how hard you are working.  I recommend that my students invest in a heart rate monitor to really see what their results are.  But to give you a good idea of my own personal experience.  I have burned anywhere from 600-900 calories in one hour.  I personally will break a good sweat within the first 3-5 minutes of the class.  Compare that to running on a treadmill, where it would take a good 10 minutes to feel the same results.

Depending on your fitness goals, I really encourage you to work within your target heart rate zone for maximum results. I am happy to help you deteremine what that would be based on your goals, your age, and current fitness level.

All in all, Zumba provides a fantastic way to burn calories while you’re simply having fun!

Q. What if I am out of shape, uncoordinated or cannot dance?
A. If you have not been exercising for quite some time, it’s always a good idea to first meet with your doctor to ensure that you understand any parameters that they would like you to keep in mind as you embark on this lifestyle modification.

Next, I would say, of course you can come to Zumba! The class is taught with varying fitness levels in mind.  I provide a Level 1, 2, and 3 modification so that you can pick the level that is right for you.  I do take time with each routine to teach the steps so that you can feel comfortable with the movement.  If you feel a little uncoordinated, that is just fine!  Infact I tell my students that some of these steps may feel a bit foreign if you haven’t ever danced latin style…..and that is OK!  I liken it to learning how to drive a stick shift.  At first it’s a very conscious experience.  You pay close attention when the left foot has to act and then when the right hand has to shift.  But after a while, after your body (your brain and muscles) has learned the process, you can then do it without even thinking about it.  The great thing is that Zumba is meant for you to get to move your body, YOUR way and have a fun time at it!

 Q. What should I wear?
 A. I recommend wearing something you can move freely in and feel comfortable at the same time since you will most likely sweat.  I see many of my students wearing sweat bottoms, t-shirts, shorts, etc…  As for footwear, I suggest wearing shoes that will provide proper support for your feet, but will also allow for easy movement on the hardwood floor.  Shoes with a lot of traction (typically running shoes) are not recommended since they will ‘stick’ when twisting and can potentially cause some issues for your knees.
 Q, Are there age limits for Zumba?
 A. No, however, please check with the fitness facility to see if they have requested certain age limits for their classes.  I have taught Zumba to students as young as 2.5yrs old to 80 years old and they all did marvelously!  However, there are specialty classes offered for children.  This class is called Zumbatomic® and is structured for children 4-12years old.

Since I provide Levels 1, 2, & 3 instruction, each person attending can adapt the steps to their comfort level.